Logistics Support for First Generation Airbus Helicopters



Dorne and Margolin Marker Beacon Antenna

P/N DMN43-1

S/N 18063

New Surplus condition

For use with 75hz marker beacon receivers.  It can be used on all subsonic aircraft.  Includes mounting seal and installation guide.



Artex/Comant CI 318-1 High Speed ELT Antenna

P/N 110-318-02

New Surplus condition with Eurocopter/Airbus Serviceable tag.



Sensor Systems TCAD 9900BX L-Band Antenna

P/N S72-1750-31L

Serviceable Condition



Artex/Comant CI 317 ELT Rod Antenna

P/N 110-320

New Surplus Condition w/ SVC tag




Chelton ELT Antenna

P/N 21-39

S/N 8005

New Surplus condition


Pointer Avionics HV ELT Antenna

P/N 3003-120

S/N 93-008

New Surplus condition with Eurocopter/Airbus Serviceable tag.

Includes 120″ of OEM connection cable. Compatible with the Pointer 3000 and 4000 model ELTs and operates at 121.5/243 MHz.



Kannad ANT 100 Portable ELT Antenna

P/N 0124206

New Surplus condition with manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformity.



Comant CI-222 AM/FM Whip Antenna

P/N CI-222

New Surplus condition



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