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EC145 Parts & Components

EC145 Parts & Components

EC145 Parts & Components

In Stock and Available


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AS22-69 – EC145 Double Beam

Equipped Cargo Hook

Available in New Surplus condition;

includes cargo hooks AS21-15 and AS21-14






5001-6103-11 Cockpit Voice & Data Recorder

Alt. P/N 704A45381032

New Surplus condition with FAA 8130-3

For EC135/EC145, AS365 Dauphin, and AS332 Super Puma Helicopters






EC145 Cargo Hook Mirror Detachable Parts Kit


In serviceable condition with

EASA Form 1 and Eurocopter Germany serviceable tag








BK117/EC145 High Density Seat HELI1000

HELI1000 – High Density Seats

Available in New Surplus condition For BK117 and EC145






117-15860 EC145/BK117 Pair of Blade Fittings

Available in Repaired condition with EASA form 1









EC145 Tail Rotor Actuator

Available in Serviceable condition with

FAA 8130/EASA Form 1 dual release, log card and work report.

Inspected November 2020 by Liebherr

Available for outright sale or exchange






105-317335 Inner Sleeve for BO105/BK117/EC145

Black Inner Sleeve Assembly for BO105/BK117/EC145

Available in New Surplus condition in sealed OEM packing with EASA Form 1

Alt. P/Ns: 105-317381 and 105-31729






704A44-241-032 BK117/H145 YAW DAMPER

Yaw damper assembly P/N 704A44-241-032 or 324900M03

available in opened OEM packaging with an EASA Form 1.

Qty. 2 units available in identical condition.

For AS332 Super Puma, BK117, and EC145 helicopters.

Alt P/N 324900M03

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