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In Stock and Available – EC135 H135 Components

In Stock and Available – EC135 H135 Components

In Stock and Available – EC135 H135 Components




EC135/H135 Starter Generator

P/N 23032-062

Available in Overhauled condition with EASA Form 1,

Log Card, and work report.

Available for outright sale or exchange






EC135/H135 Damper Assembly

P/N L621M1003101 Alt P/N J-18862-10

Damper Assembly for EC135 manufactured by Lord Corporation

Available in New Surplus condition with EASA Form 1

Damper Assemblies P/N L621M10T2001 also in stock







EC135/H135 Z-ARIS Mount

P/N L633M2010102

Qty. 2 available in repaired condition with

EASA Form 1/FAA 8130-3 dual release and work report

Available for exchange





EC135/H135 Lateral Axis Actuator

P/N L673M20A1011

Repaired and modified with fresh FAA 8130

P/N L673M30A2311 after modification

Available for exchange








EC135/H135 Collective Axis Actuator

P/N L673M30A1211

S/N 00451 – Repaired and modified by Liebherr with FAA 8130, work report, and log card

Modified from P/N L673M20A1012

Available for exchange






EC135/H135 Pilot Door RH

P/N L521M1052056

New Surplus condition with EASA form 1






For more information and pricing on these parts and any other EC135/H135 requests,

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Added July 16th 2020

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