Logistics Support for First Generation Airbus Helicopters


BO105 Parts & Components

  BO105 Parts & Components     Dynamic Components/Blades     Main Rotor Blades P/N 105-15141   Main Rotor Blades with vib. absorber for BO105.  Repaired condition with FAA 8130. work report, and log cards.   TSR: 0 hrs.   Qty. 4 available       [spacer height=”20px”]   Main Rotor Head P/N 105-14081 S/N […]

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BO105, AS350, AS365, SA330, EC120, EC130

[spacer height=”20px”] EC120 Cabin Cover P/N C560G2001101 Available in new surplus condition [spacer height=”20px”] Tail Rotor Blades for AS365 Dauphin P/N 365A12-0020-04 More than 5 available in new surplus condition with EASA Form 1 [spacer height=”20px”] Onboard Systems E-53 Weighing System P/N 200-010-00 Onboard Systems International Model E-53 Weighing system P/N 200-010-00 for SA330 Puma. […]

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Alouette lll and Lama Parts and Components for Sale

[spacer height=”20px”] Alouette/Lama Dynamic Components [spacer height=”20px”] This is just a sampling of our IN STOCK or Available in short lead times dynamic components for our hard working Alouette/Lama birds.   [table id=1 /] [spacer height=”20px”] [table id=2 /] [spacer height=”20px”] We have pitch indicators, pitch links, fuel pumps, fuel transmitters, voltmeters, voltage regulators, skids, […]

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Puma/Super Puma Parts & Components

  Puma/Super Puma Parts & Components available now!       Wheel P/N A34-20217M2   Wheel for Puma 330J Overhauled condition with EASA Form 1/FAA 8130 dual release, log card, and Eurocopter C of C.   Qty. 3 available[spacer height=”20px”]     Wheel Brake P/N A31-21217-3B   Wheel Brakes for Puma 330J. Overhauled condition with […]

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AS350 and AS365 Parts Available

    New Stock Received! AS350 & AS365 Parts Available       Tail Servo Control P/N SC7283 Alt P/N 704A44831152 S/N 146   Tail Rotor Servo for AS365 Dauphin. Repaired with EASA Form 1, Eurocopter C of C, and log card. TSN: 68hrs[spacer height=”10px”]     Servo Control, Front P/N SC5084-1 S/N 2079   […]

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Alouette / Lama Parts – Overhauled and Mid-Time Components

  Further to our recent BO105 and AS330 Puma inventory purchases, we have just received more inventories covering the EC120, AS350, BK117, AS365 Dauphin and AS330 Puma.   2 Lama Airframe / 5 Alouette III Airframes available   Artouste 3B1 Engine S/N 202 1079.06 hours remaining SVC condition   Main Rotor Blades LOM Blades – […]

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Parts & Components for Puma/Super Puma

  Hydraulic Unit AP P/N 6784041600T S/N M669 Hydraulic Unit for Puma 330J New Surplus condition with EASA Form 1, Eurocopter C of C, and log card [spacer height=”20px”]     Tail Rotor Transmission Assy P/N 330A33-0000-08M S/N M626 Tail Rotor Transmission Assembly for Puma 330J.  Overhauled condition with EASA Form 1, Eurocopter C of […]

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Parts & Components for AS350/355

    Lower Stabilizer Assy P/N 350A14-0021-0303 Lower Stabilizer Assy for AS350. Available in New Surplus condition in OEM packaging [spacer height=”20px”]       Spider Assy, Pitch Change P/N 350A33-2030-00 S/N MA1571 Tail Rotor Spider Assy for AS350. Repaired condition with EASA Form 1/FAA 81303 dual release and Eurocopter C of C. SOLD [spacer […]

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Parts & Components for Dauphin AS365 & EC155

    Dauphin/EC155 Tail Rotor Blade P/N365A12-0020-04 Tail Rotor Blades for AS365 Dauphin. More than 7 available in new surplus condition with EASA Form 1 and log card   [spacer height=”20px”]   Dual Seat, Rear P/N FHB2-02EC01-03 Alt. P/N 704A41120086 S/N 16 Rear Dual Seat for AS365 Dauphin in AS removed condition. Includes cushions.   […]

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AS365 Dauphin Doors

  Rear RH Door for AS365 Dauphin P/N 365A25-0038-0103 New Surplus with JAA form 1 and Eurocopter C of C in opened OEM packaging Pilot Door with glass for AS365 Dauphin P/N 365A25-0034-0101 New Surplus condition with JAA form 1 and Eurocopter C of C Contact Us for more details    

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