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EC145 Main Rotor Head Available!

Main Rotor Head for EC145 available!   P/N B622M1002101 S/N 0447   New surplus condition with EASA Form 1 and log card   Contact us with any questions or for a quote

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BK117 Airframe Parts Available

BK117 Airframe Parts Available!! Large selection of doors, panels, and more!     Cockpit Door Assemblies P/N 117-24101-18 (RH) P/N 117-24101-19 (LH) RH or LH Cockpit Doors for BK117.  Available in new surplus condition.     RH Cabin Door Assy P/N 117-24202-14 RH Cabin Door for BK117. Qty 2 available in new surplus condition.   […]

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AS350/355 Leg Shock Absorber

AS350/355 Leg Shock Absorber   P/N 350A75-2050-05   Leg Shock Absorber for Airbus AS350/355 helicopters. Qty. 2 available in repaired condition with FAA 8130/EASA Form 1 dual release. Repaired in February 2013.   Contact us with any inquiries and/or for a quote  

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Lama/Alouette III Main Gearbox Assembly

Lama/Alouette III Main Gearbox Assembly     P/N 319A62-00-000-4     Overhauled in June 2016 by Airbus Helicopters with EASA Form 1, Airbus C of C, and log card       Contact us with any inquiries and/or for a quote.    

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Dunlop AC67032 Tail Rotor Servo for AS350/355

Tail Rotor Servo for AS350/355     P/N AC67032   S/N RS272     Overhauled with log card and TCCA/EASA Form 1 dual release dated 8/10/2017   Available for sale or exchange!           Contact us with any inquiries and/or for a quote      

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EC120 & EC130 Parts Available

[spacer height=”20px”] EC120 & EC130 Parts Available [spacer height=”20px”]   Fuel Pump P/N P94C16-618 Alt. P/N 7050C4282011 S/N C73106   Fuel Pump for EC120.  Overhauled with TCCA Form 1/EASA Form 1 dual release           Anti-Collision Light P/N 122395R5758 S/N 98A1852   Anti-Collision Light for EC120/EC130. Serviceable condition with JAA Form 1 […]

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Tie-Downs & Cabin Covers

  Cabin Covers & Tie-Downs       Fenestron Cover for EC135 L132M0013102 New Surplus in OEM packaging           Cabin Cover for EC130 C560G2001101 New Surplus           Cabin Cover for Alouette III 3160S93-25-010-3 New Surplus condition             Main Rotor Blade tie-downs for […]

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Alouette/Lama Parts & Components

  Alouette/Lama Parts & Components New Stock Received!!         Main Rotor Blades P/N 3160S11-55-000-00 Serviceable condition with log cards & EASA Form 1 S/N 9887 – 3878.46 hrs. remaining S/N 13282 – 1104.06 hrs. remaining S/N 15416 – 1795.26 hrs. remaining       Main Rotor Head P/N 3160S12-20-000-7 S/N M2218 Overhauled […]

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BO105 Parts & Components

  BO105 Parts & Components     Dynamic Components/Blades     Main Rotor Blades P/N 105-15141   Main Rotor Blades with vib. absorber for BO105.  Repaired condition with FAA 8130. work report, and log cards.   TSR: 0 hrs.   Qty. 4 available       [spacer height=”20px”]   Main Rotor Head P/N 105-14081 S/N […]

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BO105, AS350, AS365, SA330, EC120, EC130

[spacer height=”20px”] EC120 Cabin Cover P/N C560G2001101 Available in new surplus condition [spacer height=”20px”] Tail Rotor Blades for AS365 Dauphin P/N 365A12-0020-04 More than 5 available in new surplus condition with EASA Form 1 [spacer height=”20px”] Onboard Systems E-53 Weighing System P/N 200-010-00 Onboard Systems International Model E-53 Weighing system P/N 200-010-00 for SA330 Puma. […]

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